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If you would like to volunteer to transcribe or help transcribe an episode, please send me an e-mail. This site would not be possible without help from generous Community fans!
I usually give my transcribers a few tips in order to get the writing style streamlined with the rest of the transcripts.
Writing Tips:
  1. Use any text editor you want; notepad, wordpad, MS word, etc.
  2. Separate the transcript by scene, leaving a blank space in between scenes. [see all the episodes on the site for a reference]
  3. Don't worry about bolding character's names, I'll do that.
  4. Always use [brackets] instead of (parentheses) for a description.
  5. Never put a [description] on it's own line, always include it as part of someone's quote (whether before, in the middle of, or after).
  6. Unless it's a proper noun, never capitalize the first letter of the first word of a [description].
  7. Avoid using periods in a [description] (use commas to separate sentences, and just leave the end of the description without punctuation).
  8. Try to only use a [description] when one is necessary; when the scene wouldn't make sense without one.
  9. When using ellipses to indicate a pause in a sentence, please use three dots and a space... like that.
  10. Spellcheck and proofread if you have time!
  11. Closed Captioning is your best friend!
  12. As far as timing goes, don't kill yourself but I like to get the quotes up on the site as soon as possible, especially for season premieres and finales.

Note: I'm calling this a transcript for convenience reasons. It's more of a complete collection of separate quotes, rather than a true transcript.